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Why Take A Comprehensive Blood Test

There are several reasons why a patient should be screened first instead of jumping on anything the local nutrition shop employee recommends and adding in or cutting out certain foods in their diet.

Supplements are very powerful and have HUGE impacts on ones health and can also have a bigger impact on furthering ones illness especially one that may be unknown to the patient. An example of this would be auto-immune issues. There a certain substances and even antioxidants that can exacerbate and intensify an auto-immune reaction. Green Tea and Echinacea are examples of two herbs that stimulate an immune response in our bodies. With auto-immunity one of these can be harmful while the other can truly benefit. Another example is a thyroid stimulator T3 which is widely sold in some nutrition stores for energy and fat loss.

This can actually harm one’s body and cause an overall low thyroid condition in the long run. It may not be the thyroid that is the issue but a liver issue or problem with the gastro-intestinal system that is not allowing the body to convert the thyroid hormone properly for the body to use. One more, some and many have sensitivities to gluten and dairy. This is very wide spread and unknowingly very damaging to our bodies. Many supplements contain these proteins and would need to be avoided. So these are just a few examples and there are literally hundreds more. A comprehensive blood exam, a hormone panel and even a stool test exposes the reason for a persons health issues and very frequently an issue one doesn’t know they have. Once the labs are done I can get a overall picture of one’s health and then a proper supplemental and dietary program can be safely prescribed greatly benefiting one’s health.

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