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Why Get Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments? (Part 2)

In my previous post, we covered  back pain and went into depth on what ACTUALLY causes the pain.  Part 2 of this post will be covering spinal structure and health.

The integrity of the disc is detrimental to one’s spinal health. They depend on the motion of the vertebras in order for them to stay strong, hydrated and thrive. You see the disc is one of the few structures in our bodies that does not have a blood supply. Spinal motion is what allows them to obtain nutrients by a process called imbibition.  This process brings in water and nutrients from the surrounding tissues thus equating a happy, healthy, vibrant disc. In a subluxation which causes the motion complex of two vertebras and a disc to “lock up”, imbibition comes to a halt and there is no way for the disc to get hydrated. This over a period of time will compromise the integrity of the disc, causing it to dry up, crack and degenerate, thus the term degenerative disc, also known as arthritis. Since this segment of motion becomes chronically “locked” it places extra stress on the segments above and below to take up the slack of the “locked” segment. This eventually accelerates the “wear and tear” of these discs further increasing the symptoms as discussed.

When viewing a spine from the side or lateral view it is optimal to visualize three curves. The first is the neck curve, or cervical lordosis, the second is the mid back curve, or thoracic kyphosis and lastly the low back curve, or lumbar lordosis. Again these curves, just like the balance of each vertebra upon the other as described above, is detrimental to the health of the spine. These three curves form a thin skinny “S” type structure that acts as a spring against our heads, gravity and the weight of our bodies. The weight distribution centers right through the midline of the “S” type structure allowing a good solid balance. Keep in mind our heads are about the weight of a bowling ball, approximately 11-16 lbs., although I’m sure we all know someone who may have an even much larger one! When one of these three curves is reduced, exaggerated, or going in the wrong direction, this is called “bad posture” and it is obvious on the outside as we might see a forward head carriage, a sway back or someone severely bent over while walking. This type of spine is gong against the laws of gravity in that the weight distribution no longer is centered but thrown off in other directions thus placing unbalanced weight, pressure and stress upon the entire spine. The muscles that maintain the structure have to then compensate for the imbalanced curvatures initiating chronic tightening and spasm. This is why bad posture becomes painful to a person. This, as described earlier, causes an accelerated degenerating process of the discs leading to spinal arthritis. I like to say, “you can’t un-boil a hard boiled egg”. Once the degeneration is present it is irreversible. You then are living with chronic pain, inflammation, decreased range of motion, nerve interference, weakness and organ dysfunction. Sounds fun?

So, can you see the importance of reducing the “subluxations” and improving or even preventing poor structural posture? A pill, surgery or massage will not prevent or fix this. The only way is to first correct the framework of the body through spinal adjusting and improving the posture through specific exercises and stretches and then maintaining theses corrections through continued chiropractic care.

God has given us an amazing body to take care, let’s do it!

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