Dr. Scott Collie D.C.C.N

Who Is Dr. Scott?



Dr Scott A. Collie has been in practice since 2001 and holds a doctorate in Chiropractic and a Certification in Clinical Nutrition. He graduated from LACC (Los Angeles College of Chiropractic) and has practiced in Orange County ever since. He is currently contracted under BodyPro Wellness Center in Costa Mesa, CA. He continues to further his education in functional medicine, naturopathy and chiropractic neurology. He combines the philosophies of chiropractic, nutrition, functional medicine and fitness training to obtain a higher standard and quality of one’s health. He has succeed in the opportunities to bless and change lives of many patients struggling with dysfunctional issues such as chronic pain, obesity, blood sugar problems, thyroid disorders, gut dysfunction and more. With his holistic approach he has conquered some of the most challenging cases of patients who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and kept dozens of patients from undergoing many surgical procedures and continues to do so.

When Dr Scott is not in the clinic he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Stephanie, daughter Alexandra and son Jameson . His favorite activities are soaking up the Word of God, surfing, hiking and spending time with his family.



Mission Statement

We all have a purpose and mission in life from God. As a Chiropractor and Nutritionist I have discovered this mission and purpose to be an educator of health and empower the world, one patient at a time, with knowledge and an understanding of how to achieve a life abundant in health and wellness giving all glory to God. My overall love for people has resulted in a passion and enthusiasm for what I do.