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The Benefits of Eating Organic

Organic Produce via Anne Watson Photography

Because many people are now starting to realize the wonderful benefits of a healthier lifestyle, many are now opting for organic foods. If you are still having doubts on whether a diet consisting of organic foods is really worth it or not, here are some of the many benefits of eating organic:
For a food item to be considered organic, there are several rules and regulations to follow. These regulations ensure that the organic crops do not contain pesticides, additives, hormones or any chemicals that can harm you or the environment in the long run. These chemicals used are considered estrogen “mimetic”. This means that they resemble or act as the powerful hormone estrogen in our bodies and stimulate estrogen activity in our human bodies. Too much estrogen in our bodies can lead to many types dysfunction and cancers. Since organic foods are not processed, they are not exposed to preservatives.

This means that organic foods contain more natural vitamins and nutrients which are ESSENTIAL for cellular function and to properly nourish your body. Compared to processed items, organic foods contain much higher amounts of vitamins and antioxidants. When shopping for your produce look for the number codes that start with a “9”. This means they are organically grown and contain no chemicals. Numbers “3” and “4” mean conventionally grown and were treated with pesticides. “8” means genetically modified. Going organic also means that you don’t expose your body to these harmful chemicals, pesticides and any type of genetic modification that is linked to serious diseases.

Organic farms allow their animals to run free in large fields to graze on grass that is also organic and for you animal lovers out there they are well treated and placed in a more natural, stress-free environment. Yes, stress-free, as animals rose in crowded pens become stressed and this alone causes a change in their tissues resulting in an unhealthier meat. They don’t “juice” up their livestock with growth hormones and estrogens in order to obtain a plumper animal for more cuts and in turn more financial gain. Again these hormones remain in the tissues of the animals in high amounts and eventually end up in our bodies and leading toward disease. Also organic, free range, grass fed beef is actually alkalizing to our bodies as compared to the alternative which greatly acidifies our bodies. We want to consume more alkalizing foods as compared to acidic foods for disease thrives in an acidic body.
So as you can see these are just some of the benefits to eating organic if just preventing disease isn’t enough. You will reap a stronger immune system and a more vibrant, energy-filled life. God’s way, the natural way, is always the right way!

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