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How To Lose That Stubborn Fat.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that in order to get healthy you have to lose weight and a thin body means a healthy body. 

I have found both of these statements to be absolutely incorrect. Obesity and “fat” are actually SYMPTOMS of an unhealthy body so I can see thinking that losing the weight would create a healthy body, BUT, it never works! The solution is that one must become healthy FIRST in order for the body to be able to use fats for fuels thus moving toward a healthier and thinner you. There are numerous health issues in our society today that are escalating exponentially.

We are becoming a sicker and more obese nation every year. Diabesity, an inflammatory disorder, is on the rise in which 1 out of 3 people in the US are considered at least pre-diabetic and obese. So if we put the 2 statistics together we can see blood sugar is one of the biggest blocks for fat metabolism to take place leading to eventual weight gain and obesity. But you don’t have to be diabetic to have high blood sugar. Heightened blood sugar causes your cells to become resistant to insulin which is the hormone responsible for transporting sugar into your cells for energy. When there is resistance due to an overwhelming amount of blood sugar in the body, we store the sugar as fat instead. So ones blood sugar must first be measured and placed under control in order to burn fat. Remember, YOU CAN NOT BURN FAT IN THE PRESENCE OF SUGAR AND INFLAMMATION. So insulin resistance (pre-diabetes) is a state of chronic heightened blood sugar levels and is an inflammatory disease which can lead to death as it is the number 7 killer in the US currently. 

This is just an example of a health condition that blocks the ability for someone to burn fat. There are numerous other inflammatory conditions which halt one’s ability to burn fat such as auto-immune disease, food intolerances and sensitivities, mal-absorption issues, gut problems, anemia’s, chronic pain, stress, etc… High blood sugar and inflammation does this by blocking Hormone Sensitive Lipase which is the enzyme responsible for using fat for fuels. You need nutrients and oxygen to burn fat also so mal-absorption and anemia can hinder fat loss in this way.

Bottom line is there is a lot of sick people out there that don’t even know they are sick and until these very common health issues can first be revealed, placed under control and even reversed, the goal for true fat loss becomes like a dog chasing his tail, it just will not happen and unfortunately many look for faddy quick fixes that in the long run just make them more unhealthy, more inflamed and more obese. For those who are struggling with that stubborn fat I highly recommend a thorough examination including lab work to identify the underlying issues.

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