Dr. Scott Collie D.C.C.N

Dr. Scott’s Services

Chiropractic (Spinal Care)
– The spinal column is made of several vertebral segments acting as a protective house for the neurological highway, known as the spinal cord, which connects the brain to the body. This connection is important in that it allows us as humans to function. Biomechanical imbalances are the result of these vertebral segments of the spine that are not in place correctly causing an array of symptoms such as pain, muscle spasming, inflammation, disc pressure and accelerated disc degeneration, nerve interference and even organ dysfunction. This array of symptoms causes blocks and interference in this neurological highway which is so precious for human function .Some causes of this are poor posture, bad work environment, poor sleep positioning, trauma, physical stress and birth deformities. Over time if the imbalance is not corrected the symptoms increase, function decreases, the highway shuts down, and disease eventually sets in. As a doctor that provides corrective care, my goal is aimed at redirecting these vertebral segments to their balanced restored position in turn eliminating the symptoms and allowing the neurological highway to regain the communication between the brain and the body. Eventually restoration of one’s posture and biomechanics will eliminate recurring future problems, achieving overall wellness. I am trained in the Gonstead technique of Chiropractic which is a spinal corrective type technique. Most patients need x-rays pre and post treatment in order for the patient to not only feel the improvements but also visualize the spinal and postural corrections off their own comparative x-rays.

Spinal Decompression – This form of treatment has kept hundreds of patients away from undergoing spinal surgery over the past 5 years we have been using this method of care. It is directed at those who suffer from spinal disc protrusions and herniations in the cervical (neck) and lumbar (low back) spine. Sciatica is the classic term used for this spinal dysfunction. When a disc in the spine ruptures or buldges it can put pressure on the nerves exiting the spine that flow down the legs or the arms causing at times excruciating pain that can even debilitate one from walking or using one’s arms. Decompression is a non surgical, non-invasive therapy that allows the disc to restore itself reducing the pressure upon the nerve and regaining one’s function.

Nutrition and Functional Blood Analysis – My nutritional model is a metabolic approach aimed at discovering nutritional excesses, deficiencies and sensitivities, uncovering the hidden causes of overall systemic inflammation which lead to blood sugar disorders, immune disorders, thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, anemias, gastro-intestinal issues and other life threatening disorders. In order to reach the goal in restoring normal physiological function and overall health, this is done through metabolic lab testing such as blood, stool, saliva, hormone and food sensitivity tests. This is a natural approach without the use of synthetic hormones or pharmaceutical medications that allows the body to actually heal itself through nutritional guidelines and neutraceutical supplementation.

Weight Loss – Obesity is NOT a disease but a symptom of an unhealthy body. It is impossible for an unhealthy body to burn fat but it is for a healthy body. My weight loss program uses a scientific metabolic approach to uncover the hidden health issues someone might have that actually stand in the way of fat lose. Once these issues are discovered and addressed I take a natural approach through diet and supplementation to heal the body and obtain the results they have been looking for.

Detox – We are constantly being bombarded by all kinds of toxins including environmental, chemical, pharmaceutical and most of all, surprisingly, in our food source. Toxins are poisonous to our bodies and eventually wreak havoc on the many systems and organs of our body, even the brain, leaving us sick and on the road to disease and dysfunction. My approach is accomplished through lab testing and analysis to determine what systems and organs of the body may be in need of detoxification. I only use the most trusted and potent neutraceuticals from the most respected nutritional companies in the nation to assist in allowing the body to rid itself of these harmful agents and giving back someone their life again.